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A.T.I Associates (Cyprus) Ltd is a regulated Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) providing investment advice to experienced investors. The company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with the reference 091/08, and is licensed to provide Investment Advice on all Financial Instruments listed under Category 5 of the Investment services and activities as scheduled in Law 144(I)/2007 of 26 October 2007, and106(I)/2009 of 23 October 2009. The company’s acknowledged expertise is the provision of advice towards creating client-specific portfolio construction and risk management, derived from proprietary research which sources and enables access to those exceptional asset managers with a history of generating consistent, absolute returns for investors largely disassociated from stock market variations.

ESMA warns investors

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) would like to draw the attention of the investing public to the investor warning of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA1) regarding the risks of investing in complex products. ESMA is concerned that during the current period of low investment returns, investment firms have responded to the search for higher returns by offering complex investment products causing inexperienced retail investors across the EU being tempted to invest in complex financial products, which they may not fully understand and which can end up costing them money they cannot afford to lose. According to the warning, “complex products are often aggressively marketed. See announcement


The client warrants that all necessary consent and authority has been agreed for all transactions in the assets to be effected and for the client to enter into an agreement with the Company. The client undertakes, that whenever the client acts as agent for another, in so doing the client has express authority to rely on advice offered by the company. The company declares that all activities listed in this agreement fall within the powers the company is permitted to perform by measure of the permit issued to the company by the Regulatory powers. The company will offer advice on a non-discretionary basis leaving the ultimate choice of funds with the client. The company actively reviews the performance of the funds it recommends, but evidently can have no control over macro world events. Whilst the company will use all reasonable skill and care in guiding the client in the choice of investments, the company shall not be responsible for depreciation of assets or in the investment performance or for any loss or liability however arising.